Public Awareness

Advocacy is one of the most important programs, as we are the only advocates for programs and services to assist problem gamblers and their families. Our efforts to educate Congress and the Federal health agencies focus on the prevention, education, treatment, enforcement and research on gambling and problem gambling. We call on all National Council on Problem Gambling members and supporters to utilize the materials below to increase awareness of and provide solutions for gambling problems.


9/6/11:Keith White, Executive Director, NCPG

6/24/11: H.R. 2334, the Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act of 2011, was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on June 23, 2011 by Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA). He was joined by Rep. Wolf (R-VA), Berkley (D-NV) and Hastings (D-FL), all previous sponsors of the bill last session. The bill is an important first step that formalizes SAMHSA’s authority to address problem gambling, the first-ever Federal agency to have such a mandate. This legislation lays the groundwork for all our future awareness and advocacy efforts, including securing dedicated Federal funding.

We will highlight the bill at our upcoming National Conference on Problem Gambling and use that opportunity to launch another grassroots campaign to garner support for the bill. I’ll be working with the Federal Affairs Committee on this initiative and you will see a lot more information in the coming weeks. Here is a one-page fact sheet on the bill: HR 2334 Fact Sheet June 2011 and the full text of the legislation will be available shortly from the Government Printing Office.

We look forward to working with advocates across the country to pass this historic bill

3/14/11: Last session the Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act (S. 3418 and H.R. 2906) made historic progress, attracting 73 House and 5 Senate sponsors. Unfortunately, the first-ever legislation to address problem gambling at the Federal level did not pass before Congress adjourned in 2010. The 112th Congress was sworn in on January 2011 and we hope to re-introduce a similar bill in both the House and Senate this month to build on National Problem Gambling Awareness Week. CPG Sponsorship Breakdown 111th Congress.