At Risk Populations Subcommittee

The At Risk Populations Subcommittee

Co-Chairs: Tien Duong, Kyle Kolbe, Haley Rhone


    1. To research who are the priority at-risk population for gambling disorder
    2. Produce deliverables for PA Prevention Practitioners on the makeup and needs of these populations along with information about programs being implemented


  1. A matrix where group members assigned a specific at-risk population enters research information
  2. Infographics of the research to make it more digestible for readers
  3. Initial populations: Asian Americans, Veterans, Older Adults and Adolescents
  4. Intended to inform prevention practitioners, social media subcommittee for consideration of target media, and suggested Program Subcommittee to look at what Prevention programs are available

Asian Americans and Gambling Infographic

Veterans and Gambling Infographic

The infographics are designed for use by prevention professionals or those who serve the topic population.  They are not designed for a general release to the topic population.  Please use the infographics as a resource and conversation starters with community leaders, prevention providers, treatment providers, school administrators, and others as you work to assess needs, plan, and develop prevention programs and messaging for your communities.