Due to ongoing developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak, please be sure to check in about events to make sure no cancellations or postponements have taken place. At this point, we have no events scheduled for the foreseeable future. As this changes, we will do our best to send out updates, but things may change rapidly. Be well, we hope to see you soon.

CCGP offers a variety of gambling-specific clinical workshops and community outreach events throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In order to increase the number of trained clinical providers available to treat problem gambling in Pennsylvania, the Council also offers clinical training programs through the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. These training hours meet requirements from the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs for gambling specific training required to qualify as state approved providers of gambling treatment services.

Below is a list of events coming up throughout Pennsylvania, as well as events held by our colleagues that may be beneficial. Several of these events are available to attend, or participate in, at no cost.

april 2020


CCGP Webinar - Stress Management & Mindfulness Approaches to Gambling Treatment


PGNO Webinar - Teletherapy - Keeping Clients Engaged

september 2020


CCGNJ 38th Annual Statewide Conference