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Sneak Preview: The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook

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Presented by: Jody Bechtold, LCSW, ICGC-II, BACC, PC & Alyssa N. Wilson, PhD., BCBA-D, LBA

In a time where we see increased access, availability and participation in gambling, it is also important to recognize there is also in increase in the number of individuals whose lives are negatively impacted. While there is an ever-growing number of research studies on the topic, there are a limited number of current resources available to counselors and mental health professionals focused on practical application of treatment services. This program offers a sneak peek into the creation of a new book aimed at addressing this.

Our presenters joined us to discuss the paths that have led them to this point, and how by using their clinical and research experience, they have been able to present a new book on treatment strategies, focusing on topics relevant to today’s world. Their book, The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook” is the focus of discussion in the program.

Foundations of Responsible Gambling

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Presented by: Ken Litwak II, CADC, ICGC-I, CCTP, DRCC

This webinar discusses the basic principles of responsible gambling. This broadcast gives a brief overview of problem and disordered gambling, discusses the unique aspects of internet compared to brick and mortar casino gambling, and describes the principles of responsible gambling. We review the warning signs of problem gambling and discuss where to go for help for gamblers and family members who feel they have a problem.

The Wide World of Sports Betting

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Presented by: Daniel J. Trolaro, MS

Consistently, there are more creative and fast paced forms of entertainment to help people escape, hope, or adjust to the stress of life. Whether finding it through substance, technology or a variety of other methods, individuals are becoming more daring, tech savvy and tech dependent. Two areas that have seen explosive growth exists in the world of daily fantasy sports contests and the emergence of legalized sports gambling.

With the advent and expansion of these skill-based forms of entertainment, individuals have access to information and opportunities to wager 24/7. This workshop will explore the psychological aspects and gambling-like mechanics common to daily fantasy sports contests while looking at emerging trends and future considerations in sports gambling.

Online Gambling: Expansion and Use in Times of Crisis

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Presented by: Gregory A. Krausz, MA, CAADC, LPC

This webinar offers the opportunity for a discussion about how crisis, isolation and availability can impact online gambling behaviors. The focus is on the importance of addressing the stress that is often associated with crisis, offering the use of services including teletherapy and the development of effective ways to achieve connection and communication with clients.

The Professional Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis: A Look into the Importance of Self-Care and Resilience

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Presented by: Trish Caldwell, MFT LPC CCDPD CCTP CAADC

This training explores practical ways for gambling counselors and other professionals to help maintain their mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond. Discussion includes common reactions to the pandemic from both a personal and professional lens and identification of  strategies to manage any unwanted symptoms as well as social isolation.

Additionally, the meaning of resilience during times like this for gambling counselors and other professionals is addressed, and how to utilize this resilience to help yourself and those you are serving get through these difficult times.

Kids, COVID and Convergence of Video Gaming & Gambling in Youth: What to Know in Unprecedented Times

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Presented by: Julie M. Hynes, MA, RD, CPS

The world of what we have considered “gambling” has shifted dramatically in recent years, and exposure to gambling within video games is eye opening. In this webinar, participants will gain an understanding of recent trends in video gaming and how these trends have blurred the lines between what is gaming and gambling. We will focus on what the research says about the public health risks facing youth, discussing how COVID-19 has augmented the need to address these issues, and provide practical recommendations that can be applied in professional and personal settings.

A Stress Management/Mindfulness Approach to Working with the Problem Gambler

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Presented by: Anthony S. Parente, MA, LCPC, NCC, MAC, ICGC II, BACC

Stress and its impact affect us all. Stress is related to all major health problems in the United States including gambling disorder and other addictions. This workshop will increase participants understanding of stress and teach effective stress management tools and techniques to help gambling disordered clients. In this webinar helping professionals will learn how stress depletes our resources on a physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual level.

Teletherapy – 4 Quick Steps to Get Started

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Presented by Jody Bechtold, LCSW, ICGC-II, BAC

The use of teletherapy as a way of assisting clients has continued to become an important way to offer services. Geographical barriers, health concerns and transportation limits have resulted in the need for virtual communication. The current COVID-19 situation that we are all experiencing has amplified this need to a point where teletherapy is now vital to maintain the counselor-client connection. This recording will address ways to quickly get up & running to be able to offer services.