Video Gaming Terminal (VGT) Self-Exclusion

Video Gaming Terminal (VGT) Self-Exclusion is a process that allows a person to voluntarily request to be banned from all legalized VGT gaming activities and prohibits the person from collecting any winnings, recovering any losses, or accepting complimentary gifts or services or any other thing of value on a licensed VGT establishment.

How do I get placed on the VGT Self-Exclusion list?

You can sign up for the VGT Self-Exclusion program by visiting PGCB’s website – call 717-346-8300 or email for more info.

Can I place a family member with a gambling problem on the list?

No. A person cannot place another person’s name on the VGT Self-Exclusion list. Placement on the list is entirely voluntary and must be done by the individual seeking exclusion.

How long will I be on the VGT Self-Exclusion list?

The person filing the request for VGT Self-Exclusion may request to be excluded from Video Gaming Terminal activities for one of the following: One Year (12 months); Five Years; or Lifetime.

Can I extend my period of VGT Self-Exclusion?

Yes. You can extend the period of VGT Self-Exclusion by visiting PGCB’s website – call 717-346-8300 or email for more info.

Can my name be removed from the VGT Self-Exclusion list?

Self-Exclusions for one or five years remain in effect until that time period has expired. At the expiration of your Self-Exclusion, your Self-Exclusion will be lifted unless you contact the Board prior to the conclusion of your Self-Exclusion period and request for your Self-Exclusion to be extended.

Within ten business days after the expiration, the Board will delete your name from the Self-Exclusion list and will notify each VGT establishment of the expiration. It may take each VGT establishment up to 5 business days to remove your name from their copies of the Self-Exclusion List. For this reason, you should refrain from entering a licenses VGT establishment for 15 business days after the expiration of your VGT Self-Exclusion.

Lifetime Self-Exclusions do not expire.

What will happen after I sign up for VGT Self-Exclusion?

VGT establishments must refuse wagers from and deny gaming privileges to any Self-Excluded person; deny check cashing privileges, player club membership, complimentary goods and services, junket participation and other similar privileges and benefits to any Self-Excluded person; ensure that Self-Excluded persons do not receive junket solicitations, targeted mailings, telemarketing promotions, player club materials or other promotional materials relating to VGT activities.

After a person is placed on the VGT Self-Exclusion List, a person will be unable to participate in VGT activities in PA.

A Self-Excluded person who has gambled while on the Self-Exclusion list may not collect in any manner or in any proceeding any winnings or recover any losses arising as a result of any gaming activity for the entire period of time that the person is on the Self-Exclusion List. Any winnings issued to, found on or about or redeemed by a Self-Excluded person shall be remitted to the PGCB and are used towards its responsible gambling programs.

If a person violates the terms of Self-Exclusion, they may be subject to arrest.

Does Self-Exclusion from VGT’s apply to other forms of gambling?

No. The PGCB’s VGT Self-Exclusion list does not ban player participation in all PA gambling venues. However, gaming providers may have stricter Self-Exclusion policies, including banning Self-Excluded persons from all forms of gambling at their venues (casino gaming, horse racing, iGaming in other jurisdictions.)

Other Self-Exclusion Programs available in PA

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